Tuesday, April 13, 2010

smoke gets in your eyes

I rewatched Happily Ever After on my laptop last night. It's amazing what you miss with the distractions of living room, kitchen etc. versus just hanging out and really watching. Some phrases and scenes really popped out at me on second viewing. Tonight's episode is likely to be all about Hurley, and while I have no problem with that—in fact, am pretty psyched about it—I want to get some of these Desmond-related thoughts down before I get distracted by new plot twists and turns. As Hercule Poirot might say, LOST is a serious workout for my "little grey cells."

"The Island isn't done with you yet." Widmore said this (and Eloise also said it to Desmond in Flashes Before Your Eyes.) We have been thinking that Jacob is influencing people, manipulating them, but he may just be an agent for the Island. Maybe the Island is the real brains behind all of this. Whatever "this" is . . .

"It will all be for nothing as everyone will be gone forever." Widmore certainly seems to want to preserve the Island world, which would put him on the side of the "good guys."

"Spectacular, consciousness altering love." Is it actually Desmond's love for Penny that helps him trip the light magnetic through time?

"A violation." If Eloise is not the smoke monster, than she is its keeper. She may also have written the rules of the game that Jacob and Smokey have been playing for a long, long time ("It's about time.") She seems to be the only one acknowledging there is a rulebook. But rules were made to be broken . . .

"I just need to show them something." Will Desmond guide the rest of 815's passengers towards love, back to their "real" lives on the Island? Is love splintering the Sideways world apart, a la the Lighthouse mirror, saving the Island from its sunken alterna-fate? Am I going to have to get over Jack's mirror rampage once and for all?

Whew. O.K. Enough questions. Now bring on the Hurley!
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