Wednesday, June 30, 2010

make mine butterbeer . . .

. . . Frozen!

Yes, it was 90 degrees and incredibly crowded. So crowded we didn't stand a prayer to get even remotely close to Ollivander's.

The Castle "ride" was too scary for everyone, but we survived. I found the line leading into the Castle with it's circuitous route and horrendous wait harder to take than some punk Deatheaters that tried to "boo" us on the ride.

But Hogsmeade and Hogwarts Castle, inside and out, are so well done it was worth the long lines and high temperatures. Honeyduke's Candy Shop was the kid's favorite, no surprise there, but we actually skipped the long lines for the cashier in the shop and picked up a rainbow lolly in one of the other souvenir shops on the way out. No reason to wait twenty minutes for a chocolate frog . . .


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