Thursday, July 22, 2010


As I continue to unpack and put away our things I am unearthing (new to me ) old things. Some really fantastic family photos, for instance.

My grandmother always looked elegant and sophisticated. Whether at the beach or posing for a formal portrait or holding a crying baby. Does anyone look this well put-together anymore? Considering that it was the early thirties and she and my grandfather and my mother, their young baby, lived in France and England at the beginnings of the Second World War, it seems doubly amazing to me how fantastic she looks.

Did people just take more time to get themselves together? Of course the woman didn't have to rush out to a nine-to-five job alongside her husband in those days, but she wasn't exactly sitting home eating bon-bons, either.

There is something different about how we all decide to present ourselves to the world these days. It's beyond the fact that we live more casual lives. We don't think we need to present a good appearance, barring job interviews. And some of the get-ups I've seen job seekers wear, that last outpost of coiffed, is also fading away.

Here's to Grand-mère. I don't think I've ever looked that well put together. I may never. But I enjoy the fact that I'm related to someone who sure knew how to dress.
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