Friday, April 29, 2011

royal wedding

I'm getting married in the morning ...

These days, thanks to DVRs, it's not necessary to get up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding of the century (plus, no commercials). I was able to get up at the regular time, do my usual morning routine, feed the cats and dog and child, walk the dog, walk with the kid to school, walk back home (in some seriously muggy weather for 8am), have a bowl of raisin bran and soy milk topped with a sprinkling of granola on top, check email, and then flip on the tube and start playing the recording. That's how I like to attend a royal wedding.

This is truly a major event, especially for England, and the general giddy air that I'm seeing on screen reminded me of when I attended President Obama's inauguration. It is socially important for people to have a part in such events, no mater how small a part, if only camped out on the living room sofa. I remember seeing some of the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles on what now seems a very tiny television compared to today's big flat screens. It seemed very long and boring, sort of like the train on Diana's dress. Although a tad old-fashioned-looking (she had to have her shoulders covered), Kate's dress is much better. Diana's was such a long time ago ...

Watching the guests arrive, there are some out of this world wonderful hats, I assume most are by Philip Treacy. Most of them seem designed to fall off the side of the head, much like the one Kate is so famous for wearing. Posh's hat is quite subtle in comparison to most, but looks fantastic, as does she. And of course, so does her husband. It is truly a modern era if Becks can come stubbly to a royal wedding. Mr. Bean! (Rowan Atkinson) How cool is that? And he's stubble-free. Elton John looked nervous — clutching his program. Posh 'n' Becks were invited, but no Fergie. The Queen doesn't forgive.

I love the little crown mounted on top of William's chauffeured Bentley as he was driven to the Abbey with his brother Harry, both resplendent in their uniforms. Can't help but feel sad at their mother's absence. It's amazing how they can still manage to look diffident in these crcumstances. Ahhh Brits.

The ceremony was very CofE, reminiscent of Episcopal services I've attended. Westminster Abbey is truly a glorious space and the trees and greenery made it even more magical. Catherine looked beautiful. It's been a long road. At 29, she's the oldest woman to marry a royal, as well as the only to be college-educated. A far cry from pretty but naive 19-year old Diana. Best man Prince Harry seemed to whisper to his brother as she walked up the aisle, "Wait until you see her." William looked thrilled when she reached him.

Good luck, kids. All the best.

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