Wednesday, April 20, 2011

these are a few of my favorite blogs ...

We Had Faces Then is a great tumblr blog of Old Hollywood stills that its author has found cruising the internet. I'm grateful he is doing it for me, so I just have to scroll through his blog rather than go looking for fabulous photos of Gene Kelley myself.

Tumblelogs are interesting. These microblogs are actually designed for easy posting and sharing — and most bloggers give credit where credit is due. It gets kind of interesting when one photo can lead you back through four or five blogs to track down the source. Of course, then you might also want to start following four or five new tumblrs ... But for folks who like images, this is always a good thing.

Gene Kelly, tumbled back and forth between We Had Faces Then and kissmegenekelly

Looking a tad uncomfortable — Lucille Ball and Gene Kelly, via We Had Faces Then, via vintagegal

Gene Kelly, via We Had Faces Then, via theflamingcurmudgeon (via buttbeautiful, jenbebe)
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