Sunday, September 18, 2011

belated crazy birthday buffet

We've extended my birthday celebrations throughout the month — basically giving us excuses to go to some places we haven't gone to in a while, or try some new ones out, etc. Yesterday we went to "the crazy restaurant," which not only has the never-ending Asian fusion buffet that my daughter loves, but carp ponds at the entrance.

I love hot and sour soup.
Crazy Buffet - 1st course

Starting a new dining trend — jello and chopsticks.
Crazy Buffet - Chopsticks and Jello

These buns aren't just pretty, they're pretty delicious.
Crazy Buffet - Dumplings

Checking out the residents.
Crazy Buffet - Carp

Where's my dessert?
Crazy Buffet - Carp
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