Monday, September 12, 2011

you born today ...

According to the internets, from a variety of sources ...

I should embrace: Originality, imaginative people, accountability. Shouldn't we all? Accountable, original, imaginative people - call me!

I should avoid: Showing off, need for constant approval, personal fulfillment at the expense of others. I have no idea what they are talking about.

Even if they did not have a pleasant childhood, September 12 people are fond of remembering their youth. They are likely to rewrite their upbringing to create a reality that reinforces their emotional needs. Often becoming parents late in life, they encourage the hopes and goals of their youngsters. They are often too indulgent. This hits a bit close to home. Of course I didn't read September 13 or 14 for comparison yet ...

Lots of actors, actresses, etc. seem to be fellow Virgos. Apart from Maurice Chevalier and Barry White, where's the flair, Virgos?

Numerology: 8 Year Cycle — Reward, Justice - The 8 year cycle period is called the time of harvest. You want to sell? Sell now. Bring in the harvest. This is a year that helps you obtain good judgement. One can make some good business deals in an 8 year cycle. The 8 year cycle is the year of the seed pod. It is the time to harvest. Draw everything in, all your resources. This is a year to super organize your life. Well, every year I could stand to super-organize my life, but I'm sure that this will be a big year of change and adjustment. Wish me luck!

xoxoxo e
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