Friday, April 13, 2012

hello it's me

I had the oldies/contemporary radio station on in the car — it's the one most tolerable to three generations — and Todd Rundgren 's old chestnut, Hello it's Me began to play. It's so interesting how certain songs have instant, strong associations. It made me immediately think of, and miss, my cousin Ann who died just about two years ago. How times flies ...

Most folks are probably familiar with Rundgren's music through the perennial favorite, Bang on the Drum. When he came to Wolf Trap with his Beatles Sgt. Pepper spectacular in 2008, I knew I wanted to see it, and I wanted to see it with Ann. It was a really nice summer evening. We sat on lawn chairs and ate ice cream and listened to Todd and his assorted guests — Denny Laine, Christopher Cross, Bo Bice and Lou Gramm — sing every song from the Beatles' trippiest album. My daughter ran around and Ann ran after her. She must have been feeling well at the time, as we were all pretty active and silly. Just a few years later her ovarian cancer would make a very unwelcome reappearance.

Ann is still in my life, in pictures and memories like this. We had so many really good times together. We had time together. My daughter, whom she adored, will frequently see something, like jewelry or sculpture in the shape of fruit or vegetables and turn to me and say, "Ann would like that." And then, "I really miss Ann."

Me too, kid.
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