Saturday, April 14, 2012

somebody that i used to know

I can't get enough of this song of the moment, "Somebody That I Used To Know," by Gotye, featuring


 It has a real '80s vibe, a lot like the music I was drawn to back in my salad days — early Police, the English Beat, the Specials — and members of those groups in later incarnations: General Public and Fun Boy Three.

But mostly it's just a great song, a cry in the wilderness, like most of the best rock music. The video has a do-it-yourself '80s feeling too. It's clever and artistic and emotional.

Maybe music is swinging back to a little starker, cleaner approach. Less synchronized cheerleader dance routines and more singer-songwriter stuff. Or maybe it's just a kick-ass song. Regardless, I really like it, and have it looping on the iPod.
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