Saturday, April 21, 2012

r.i.p. jonathan frid

Like many, I used to rush home from school to see Dark Shadows. It was my mom's favorite show. She had a huge crush on the vampire Jonathan Collins, played by Jonathan Frid. I didn't quite get that — too young, I guess. But I did find him fascinating — and frightening. I really liked the pretty witch, Angelique, too. Barnabas Collins, as opposed to more recent, sparkly versions, was a scary vampire, and I loved scary movies.

It's sadly ironic that Frid has passed away before Tim Burton's and Johnny Depp's adaptation of Dark Shadows hits the theaters next month. Frid actually makes a cameo appearance in the film. Although the new film seems to be taking a much more comedic approach than the original series (probably a good thing, as Burton is better at comedy than tragedy), Depp has come by his love of Barnabas honestly. He was also a childhood fan.

A classically trained actor, Canadian-born Frid brought a sense of gravitas to Dark Shadows. Although he had a long career in the theater both before and after his time on the gothic soap opera, he will forever be associated with Barnabas Collins. R.I.P. Jonathan, you will be missed.
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