Thursday, May 24, 2012

baby steppin' vegetarian

I haven't made any big declarations, but I have slowly, over the past month or so, stopped eating meat. It seems to be a result of a number of things. I've had some tummy trouble lately, and meat seems to aggravate my digestion more than other foods. So goodbye, salami, alas. But I have also been feeling that I need to be kinder and more aware of where my food comes from. While I could catch a fish or shellfish or steal an egg from a hen, I can't envision throttling the chicken. Or plucking it.

I'm not missing meat too much at the moment
This is in no way preaching. I'm not preventing my mom or my daughter from eating meat. But I have mentioned that I probably won't be cooking any for a while. If they want it, they can have it when we go out to eat. My mom isn't going to make any changes to what she likes to eat. With dementia her diet has become more routine; she cycles between a few favorite meals she chooses when we go out. At home I can serve up more variety. My daughter can watch me and decide for herself.

Will I ever eat meat again? Maybe. I'm Italian, and if I make sfincione, it's going to have prosciutto in it. But I have to admit that I physically feel a lot better with my recent dietary changes. And it makes my head and heart feel better too.
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