Sunday, May 27, 2012

some more veggie thoughts

A recent article in a syndicated column called the "God Squad' recently caught my eye. Its author, the Rabbi Marc Gellman, had some interesting things to say about the Bible and eating meat:
"Eating meat is the low-level ethical choice. It is permitted because animals are lower on the order of creation, but it is not the high-level choice that God intended at the beginning of creation. I agree with God. Killing animals for meat is not murder. Animals are proper food for humans, but they're definitely not the most proper food. 
We can ingest all the protein we need from plants, and we can save animals from the torture of factory farms and save the earth from the depleting effects of raising large numbers of animals for meat. It would be easy to go the next step and claim that eating meat is not ethical, but that would not be true. ... we must always remember that eating meat is a concession to our moral weakness. It is moral, but only barely."

I like that he is averse to saying that meat is murder, but that we shouldn't kid ourselves that it's hunky dory, either. I'm no Bible scholar, in fact I don't care much for organized religion, but I am interested in ethics and I am very interested in doing the right thing, trying to be a better person. I fail every day, sometimes losing my temper, swearing, etc. I'm human. But I try.

The thing that is really striking me in my recent venture to leave meat behind is that eating is now a much more conscious activity. Perusing a menu in any restaurant, low to higher end, requires a lot more attention on my part. Meat is the easy choice, and in this country it seems that we are encouraged to ingest it at every meal. Seems a little crazy to me, standing on the other side now.
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