Wednesday, May 09, 2012

e il topo

A photograph I took of my friend Steven Parrino at my art opening way back when we were at Parsons School of Design together is included in the Italian art magazine E Il Topo. The magazine has just relaunched after being out of print for over 16 years:
Number 12
The 12th issue will be realized in 2012, sixteen years after the publication of the last issue of the magazine. This new number wants to show from the beginning a strong sense of continuity and one of innovation in relation with the last edition.

Specifically, the new issue will be the outcome of an open call launched by the magazine which will focus on the retrieval of photographic material related to personalities of the art world who passed away along the last 16 years, thus in the lapse of time in which E IL TOPO disappeared without a trace. The collected material will be successively selected and displayed in the magazine.


This project, which will face the Re-birth and the Death, wants to pay tribute to all those people who have dedicated their life to art and who disappeared abandoning the battlefield between 1996 and 2012

Photos of other art world personalities included in the magazine are Willem De Kooning, Leo Castelli, Louise Bourgeois, Nam Jun Paik, Juan Munoz, Pat Hearn, Mike Kelley, and many more. It's sad to be reminded that Steven is no longer here, but nice that he is included in this re-inaugural issue, and in such fine company.


Turntable Talk
Steven Parrino - Gagosian Gallery
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