Saturday, July 21, 2012

crab in the driveway

Well, that's something you don't see every day. This morning as I was out walking the dog, a large green crab strolled across the driveway in front of us and into the bushes. We had to go out to one of Angel the dachshund's favorite spots by the street, but once she did her business and I disposed of it, I high-tailed it back to catch another glimpse of the crab, but it was gone. As I was heading back inside our building I heard a squawk and saw our mail person laughing, but also walking very quickly inside. She had thought it was a toy at first, but Crabby had been waiting for her at the back gate. That crab can move fast. I took a peek and it was under the bushes again, to the right of the gate. I ran upstairs to get the kid and my camera, but alas, the speedy crustacean had disappeared again by the time we got downstairs. Looks like our new neighbor is rather shy.

Apparently it's a land crab, a blue land crab

Maybe its burrow is right outside our gate. The kid was really disappointed that she missed it this morning, but something tells me that we will be seeing our crustaceous friend again, maybe in the evening hours, when it's cooler and easier for it to forage.
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