Friday, July 13, 2012

genius bar

We have an appointment today at a local Apple Store to see if there is any hope of restoring my old PowerBook G4 for the kid to use (and also so that she won't constantly be bugging me to get on my laptop). It has been in endless boot mode and is rather hot to the touch, so I'm frankly not too enthusiastic, especially if repairing it would be costly, but it's worth a shot. I have learned through other misadventures with computers that it is simply not possible for me to have a PC at home. The last time we had a small PC it suddenly transformed into German-language only mode. Ach du Lieber! I need Macs in the house, PCs are fine anywhere else.

I just hope that if there isn't much we can do for this 'puter that I don't get myself talked into purchasing some other shiny gadget to fill the gap. But I don't rule out that as a possibility, either. I know myself too well. I do have a birthday coming in a few months ...

That endlessly spiraling circle is getting annoying

Update: The geniuses can't fix anything that old, but they suggested a Mac specialty store that could — I actually have seen it, it's near my acupuncturist. For $150 this old laptop gets a brand new hard drive and my kid gets her own computer in a week. A good deal, and way less expensive than I feared. And now I have a new resource of helpful, geeky Apple enthusiasts. Win win!
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