Friday, December 14, 2012

mom the painter

In my continuing effort to keep my mom's mind and memories engaged we have been displaying a lot of her artwork around the apartment. Here are three that I particularly like. The first two were also entered into local art shows.

This painting of trees makes me think of one of her favorite painters, Edvard Munch. I love the palm trees and ocean inserted into the background, and the squirrel in the foreground.


This painting was a surprise to me when we pulled it out of her closet. It is a highly stylized view out the front window of my former Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment. I love the collage elements and how she transformed a fairly brown and gray landscape into this colorful, playful street scene. I lived in Brooklyn for over ten years — while I went to Parsons School of Design and after. Mom visited me quite often, but I never knew she took photographs of this view or did this painting.


This is a quite large-scale painting of a very familiar local view — what one sees when crossing the Royal Palm Bridge from Palm Beach into West Palm Beach. Of course not everyone is lucky enough to see a gigantic flying silver fish.



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