Monday, December 03, 2012

operation anti-dementia

I got a brainstorm this week. My mother, who has dementia, is an artist and we have a closet full of her work that we never get to see. Our house is full of many beautiful old paintings that have been acquired over the years by various ancestors. It gives the place a rather formal look. This weekend I suggested to her that we take down and store some of the old landscapes and replace them on the walls with some of her work. I thought it might be nice for her to have some very visual reminders of her talents — and it would be nice for my daughter and me to have those reminders, too.

My mom liked the idea and had a blast going through the paintings with me. I think we were both pleasantly surprised at how many she remembered doing. We even managed to put some unfinished ones aside, so we were able to do some spring cleaning, too. I'll be posting some of her colorful work over the rest of the month, but here is one that I really liked that is now hanging in her bedroom. It's very Florida, quirky, even silly. Like a lot of her work she mixes painting and collage. I really like it.




The experience had an impact on her, because the next day she was eager to look through a portfolio we have of some of her drawings. I think this may be a good thing to do every once in a while. Everyone has accomplishments that they want to revisit and share.
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