Friday, October 04, 2013

favorite song friday

"Holy Grail," by Jay-Z, featuring Justin Timberlake, is recommended, but also confounds me (and others, apparently).

The chorus sung by Justin Timberlake is really compelling, as a sort of anti-love song. The rap verses by Jay-Z — not so much, especially on multiple listenings of the song.

Interesting note: the video posted above has Jay-Z s and JT's parts in different orders. This version is the one that I hear most often (and really like):

I don't think Jay-Z should completely disappear from the mix (as he does in the version below), but this remix does underline the fact that the rapper can put together a song that contains beautiful imagery and sounds which don't quite coalesce with his bitching about the price of fame. Most of his musings on other celebrities — M.C. Hammer, Mike Tyson, Kurt Cobain, seemed a bit muddled and flat. I guess I can continue to enjoy Timberlake's part  — in any of these versions.


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