Friday, October 11, 2013

favorite song friday

While tons of folks are still bemoaning "Whatever happened to Miley Cyrus?" and yearning for Hannah Montana to return, the kid moves on. Yes, maybe she is sticking her tongue out too much, and wiggling her butt around on awards shows more than might be deemed necessary, but what the hell. She's young, she's getting over a break-up, and she's getting headlines and tons of airplay. And no matter what one might think of her hair-do or antics, Miley can sing.

While the official video for "We Can't Stop" is a no-holds barred paean to debauchery, this a capella version that aired on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, featuring Fallon and The Roots (in a clever Brady Bunch set-up) shows the kid's got chops.

Miley's video for her song "Wrecking Ball" has been parodied and parodied and parodied (and it is seriously goofy - having Miley get naked and make out with a sledgehammer - but it was directed by Terry Richardson, which explains a lot). But if you just listen to the music and the girl sing, it's a really great break-up song. Keep up the good work, Miley. Do I need to see you stick out your tongue one more time? Maybe not. But I'm not too worried about you.


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