Friday, February 20, 2015

favorite song friday: bills

I love the retro sound of this song, "bills," by LunchMoney Lewis.

Gamal "LunchMoney" Lewis, image from 2 Paragraphs

I got BILLS I gotta pay
So I'ma go work work work every day
I got mouths I gotta feed,
So I'ma make sure everybody eats
I got BILLS!!

All these BILLS left on my desk
They looking like a mouth
All your little kids go 'round like you hear their stomachs growl
This one full moon now, and my girl just keep on howl
Says she won't need me if I don't come home with 50 thousand
God damn, god damn, god damn
Oh man, oh man, oh man
God damn, oh man, god damn, oh man

I think a lot of people can relate to the sentiment while also enjoying the fun rhythm. It's just pure fun, and we can all use some more music like that. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Lewis in the future.


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