Thursday, February 05, 2015

our angel

Our dachshund Angel had an episode last week that made her feel sick and has affected her balance. She has been on the mend, but is still feeling and walking a little wonky. One of the most difficult nights, for her and for us, was when she had to stay at an animal hospital. Like any ER, everything seemed to take forever, and we were worried about our girl.

It was also a pricey experience, which was no fun, too, but there was one perk. One of the hospital's strategies for keeping us in the loop was to send us emails from Angel, complete with photos. They were sweet, and I have to say, these are some of the best photos of Angel I've ever seen.

From the overnight stay: "I just wanted to give a quick Hi and say Goodnight. I know how worried you are but I'm doing pretty good. I miss you already and hope to see you tomorrow. Love, Angel"

From the next morning: "... Everyone here is great and they are taking great care of me. This morning I went out for a walk and I was enjoying the cool weather basking in the sun. I can't wait to see you and miss you all very much. Love, Angel"


eliza gilligan said...

that is so sweet and reassuring! one of our kitties was just in the hospital for two nights and the vet said we could visit any time after he woke from his surgery. so of course I went and spent an hour snuggling with him which was tricky with all the tubes sticking out but I think we both felt much better.

johanna said...

OK, I'm crying. I'm just a mess when one of my animals is sick.

xoxoxoe said...

I hope your kitty is OK! Angel has high blood pressure as a result of some of her issues, and I was with her when they were taking it the other day. Imagine putting that tiny cuff around that tiny little Dachshund paw. Anyway, it was amazing how her blood pressure changed from when I was holding her from behind when I moved in front of her when she could see me. Her top number dropped 50 points! Point probably mine too : )

Mario R. said...

That's a vet who knows her (his) business. And I'm glad Angel is recovering. Poor little thing ... And poor Elizabeth and Kid.--Mario R.

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