Tuesday, March 31, 2009

apple + tree = falls not far from

My daughter is five, but I can already see many traits that we share. Some are definitely nurture, but many seem to be the result of nature or simply genetic. I've started compiling a list of highlights:
  • Love Shack is simply one of the most fun songs ever
  • Flowers might sometimes make us sneeze, but we can just get lost in their beauty
  • Pizza should be one of the major food groups
  • Ditto meatballs
  • Hypersensitivity is definitely a trait
  • We love cats and dogs, but don't seem to be able to live with them without repercussions
  • Music makes us happy
  • You can never have too many books
  • Or Barbies, apparently
  • Vacations are the best
  • Cold and loud noises are least faves


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