Wednesday, March 25, 2009

elegantly dressed Wednesday

In my internet ramblings I stumbled upon Elegantly Dressed Wednesday and would like to join the fray:

When I was in junior year of my painting major at Parsons I staged this artwork for my drawing class. Most of my junior and senior year I was interested in the concept and execution of portraiture. My friend Steven was a willing subject and held the pose for the duration of the performance, which was about twenty minutes - long enough for the class to view, for the teacher to critique, and for me to document.

What is interesting to me about this photo is not only how cool I still think the piece and its subject were, but also the realization that I also took this photo on my dad's old Pentax camera with B&W film, probably purchased at nearby Ben Ness, then developed it in my home darkroom, i.e. bathroom, in my Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment. Once the film was dry (hung on clothes pins on hangars next to the shower curtain) I then used an enlarger, also one of my dad's cast-offs, perilously balanced on the top of the toilet seat, to make prints, while trays of chemicals floated in my claw-foot bathtub.

A world away from digital cameras...but Steven looks quite elegant, doesn't he?

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