Monday, June 22, 2009

anything you can do...

At work someone suggested that I get one of the new little notebooks (PC of course) that only weigh under 3 pounds and can get me wireless connection everywhere, etc. We're going on a road trip at the end of the summer, and for about $350 (or less and less, it seems, every day) it is tempting to pick up a new gadget, justifying that I could go on the internet in my hotel room at night, etc.

But I'll have the iPhone too, and I keep coming up against that - what can any of these new gadgets (PCs, Kindles, etc.) do that my iPhone can't? I rarely use my digital camera anymore, although I'm sure I'll take it along on this trip. Email, iPod, Internet, facebook, twitter, etc., etc. - it's a one-stop shop.

Why do I need another electronic device in my world?

I have a computer at home, so for real typing and web-surfing I use that. A Mac, of course. At work I have a PC with a mega flat screen and it works great for the graphics and other things that I do there. If the MacBook Air were cheaper, I would probably justify an "extra" computer in my house without blinking an eye, but somehow bringing a PC into the house is not what I want to do.

I guess I'm a left brain (PC at work), right brain (Mac at home) sorta gal.

p.s. check out the insanely cool knit iPhone, courtesy of


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