Saturday, June 27, 2009

off the wall

I was never a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but I did love this song. I remember how cute he was when the record came out, and dancing to it.

I guess everyone has tried to "moonwalk" since the 80s, but no one did it like him.

He truly was a phenomenon, in every sense - unique, creative, and highly unusual. But I probably liked him best as the exuberant lead voice of the Jackson 5. I can even picture his cartoon version.

Sadly, as we all know, his adult life sometimes took on bizarre, cartoon-like dimensions. No matter whether he did what some accused him of or not, there was no denying that he was odd, taking his persona and his lifestyle to Howard Hughes-like strangeness.

I have been guilty in the past, like many, of scornfully referring to him as Wacko Jacko. Did he make it too easy? Did he really never have any experience of a "normal" life? It's all too sad. 50 is too young.

Johnny Depp is destined to play him in the Tim Burton biopic (Willie Wonka was just a rehearsal.) I just keep thinking about the kids. No normal life for them, either, I'm afraid. Maybe Michael's "ex," Lisa Marie, can step in and give them some perspective, as she has been in an eerily similar position.

I can't help it, I keep thinking of Elvis dead at Graceland, Michael in his Neverland. Why does anyone want to be a "star?"


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