Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bobby russell

For some reason I have been having a nostalgia music stream in my head lately. My dad was mostly into opera or classical—he very rarely would listen to pop music. My mom was the one buying Beatles records and bringing "banshee music" in the house. One day out of the blue he went out and bought a record by Bobby Russell, Words, Music, Laughter and Tears. He must have heard one of the songs on the radio and liked it. He (and we) played the hell out of that record. It actually had a few hits on itLittle Green Apples, Honey, (which was made a hit by Bobby Goldsboro.) The song that was playing in my head the other day was his ode to suburbia, 1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero. I actually think this song is probably why he bought the album. Somehow I remember it as being faster-paced. It's funny, how after all these years I still know the lyrics, can still picture my brother and I dancing to it on our 70s golden wall-to-wall carpeting. Good times.

He's the 1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero
'n' you can see him ev'ry weekend with a carfull of kids and snow cones
Durin' Christmas took the kids down to see the floats
When he wanted t'stay home and watch the Baltimore Colts
1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero


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