Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I had the wackiest dream the other night.

I was lying in my bed and I opened my eyes and outside my door, out in the foyer of our apartment, a yellow Kleenex box was floating, even dancing, in the air. I watched it for a while and then figured I better get up and stop that poltergeist.

I felt very blasé about the whole situation. I got up wearily and grabbed the Kleenex box out of the air and turned to put it back where it belonged in the bathroom. But the bathroom door was now closed. I knew I hadn't done that, as I always leave it open with the light on in case my daughter wakes up in the middle of the night. I opened the door and felt a very strong force trying to keep it closed. I pushed back and kept pushing, turning so that my back was against the door. I knew that if I could get it open all the way I would win. I remember how hard the door felt on my back as I pushed and pushed. Gradually I was opening the door wider and wider.

My conscious mind started to take over as I started to worry if we should move—I don't mind a poltergeist, but it probably wouldn't be so great living with one with my daughter. Then I woke up.

Not exactly The Uninvited, but still pretty interesting . . .


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