Tuesday, December 01, 2009

this was so not the day I thought it was going to be

Monday. I took the day off to extend the holiday weekend, thinking I could have one more morning to sleep in, not having anything on the agenda apart from taking Grandma to the airport in the late afternoon, but that all went to hell when the kid woke up early, having to pee every half hour. We've been there before, so I threw on some clothes and told my mom not to stress, we should be back soon and rushed off to make the walk-in-with-any-reason hours at our pediatrician's office.

I was thinking about how I could salvage my morning when I missed the turn off the parkway and had to double-back through Virginia to reenter the city and used every last coin in my wallet in a parking meter blessedly across the street from our destination—doctor's office building. As I was signing in at the front desk, the nurse informed me that I was looking at a two-hour wait, unless I could come back later that afternoon. But that wouldn't work with dropping Grandma at the airport, so we settled in to wait, hoping that she was exaggerating or trying to scare us off. I soon realized that her estimate was more than correct, and even worse, I had left the iPhone at home in our mad rush to get out the door, so I was going to experience the waiting room old-school style. Good news: I scheduled our 6-year appointment, which sometimes can be a hassle to get a decent time if you wait too long and too near to the birthday. Bad news: bathroom trips every 15-20 minutes as we waited over two hours. God, please don't let us pick up anything worse than what we walked in with.

When we finally got out of there I raced home to make sure my mom was not freaking out about making her flight—blessedly and amazingly, she wasn't. No one had really eaten anything, so we headed out for the airport, planning to grab a bite there, with a stop on the way at CVS to pick up our prescription and various other recommended therapies. Bad news: my insurance thinks the prescribed antibiotic is only approved for age 10 and up, so I bugged the already busy doctor who confirmed her choice, saying she gives it to infants—so I would have to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed later. Good news: I think the pharmacy pushed it through anyway after I called my doctor, because I didn't see any extra $169 charge.

After a too-long time at the pharmacy we headed for the airport where we had a meal, too late to be called either breakfast or lunch, too early to be called dinner, did a little shopping, saw mom off on the airplane. Bad news: sad feelings. Good news: Grandma will be back for Xmas and we got a great parking spot behind our building when we got home.

Took a much needed shower to wash off some of the frustration and waiting-room gunge and then had the kid take a quick sitz bath followed by a shower before dinner. Bad news: I completely lost it when she called for me a few minutes later to say that she had peed all over the bathroom floor, two inches in front of the toilet. Good news: my temper tantrum didn't make her cry (thank god) and is already forgotten (at least on her part). She really seemed to understand my immediate apology and how mommy had a really tough day. I couldn't help pointing out that it was not her fault being sick, but she could control getting to the bathroom on time, or at least try to, and not to wait...yeesh, what am I saying? Very good news: she is happily watching Enchanted and I am sipping tea and ready to put this roller coaster ride day to bed.


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