Friday, December 18, 2009

i've got a nit to pick . . .

"Gee, your hair looks and smells great! What's your secret?"

"It's my new shampoo. Rid."
What a louse-y day.

Yep, a lice outbreak in the kid's kindergarten. Nothing like lice to make you feel all itchy inside and out. The only upside to this pre-holiday fiasco is that every single child over the course of the week was hit, so there's no stigma attached. The downside is, of course, everything else about it.

I should correct the stigma thing, actually. According to my daughter a few of the kids were pointing fingers and trying to say it was so-and-so's fault. Not nice at all. In fact this crop of kids, different from last year's pre-school, can frequently be not so nice. I'm not sure if it's the start of the teasing cycle for children, or if this is bunch of kids who, when they get together tend to be, well, brats. The teachers have been reinforcing that it is no one's fault. I compared the outbreak to the kids all passing a cold around. Lice are a little like germs, in how they easily move from kid to kid through close contact. It's a pretty good analogy for my daughter to digest, I think. The problem is, that although it will probably take as long to get over lice as it does a cold, lice are way more high maintenance. Fuss and muss and just plain yucky. The life of a parent.

According to my pharmacist Rid is one of his top-sellers. After I had treated my daughter I tried to examine myself (holding two mirrors to no avail) and finally gave up and headed back to the pharmacy to ask him if he would mind checking me out, as I had no one else at home to look, being a single mom. As he took two screwdrivers (the first tools that came to mind?) to part my hair, a man paying for his items looked over and said conversationally, "Lice, huh? We just had to deal with an outbreak at my son's school. Don't forget to check behind the ears." As I said before, the life of a parent.

As I massage tea tree oil conditioner into our hair and comb and comb and comb and comb I think—this too shall pass. Hopefully all the parents are thinking and doing the same. Because it would really be lousy to have to go through all of this again.


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