Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"dude . . . you're not a zombie, are you?"

Don't read on if you missed last night's Lost, because I'm theorizing all over the place.

Courtesy of Miles, it is now confirmed—Sayid is a damn zombie. Sigh. As much as I liked the character of Locke, somehow his death didn't affect me as much. It was shocking, even surprising, but Locke's story had been leading him down a path to give his life one way or the other to the Island for a long time. But tonight, watching Sayid cross over to Team Smokey, a man who self-admittedly, "has done terrible things," was truly painful for me, because somehow, it always seemed as if Sayid might turn a corner. Deep down there was decency and love in his heart. Alas, no more.

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket . . .

Crazy Claire was even creepier than last time, if that's possible. Kate is in way over her head. She thinks she is doing good, even 'rescuing" Claire. She doesn't have a clue. The look that Smokey gave Kate as she walked out of the Temple—she better hope Sawyer turns up soon, because she's going to need a friend.

Miles was spared, at least temporarily, which I'm sure caused sighs of relief across the internets. I surprised myself with the fear I had for Ben when he dashed off to rescue Sayid. "Don't go in there, Ben!" I was totally worried about the little weasel. It looks like next week he's in even bigger trouble. After murdering Locke, and later Jacob, can this guy still survive on team "good guys"?

Sideways Sayid was just as morally conflicted as Sideways Kate. Apparently some of our favorite 815 passengers don't get the happy endings Sideways. During their jungle confrontation when Smokey asked Sayid if he would like to get his heart's desire it made me wonder—what if the Sideways world is actually just Smokey's smoke and mirrors? Like the most famous man behind the curtain, Smokey could be offering each of our friends a glimpse of what could be, if they join him in his effort to get off the Island. In fact, Jacob and Smokey could be offering folks exactly the same thing, except with different larger goals in mind.

Jacob wants to preserve the Island. His glimpses of the future showed Jack learning to be a good dad. Hurley the luckiest guy on earth. Locke happy with Helen and making peace with life in a wheelchair. Ben a persnickety history teacher and very comfortable in his own skin. Dogen a proud dad with a sweet son.

Smokey wants as far off his Island prison as he can get. His glimpses of the future showed Kate helping Claire have her baby (except that she's still Kate on the lam). Sayid reunited with Nadia (still a murderer, except this time to protect those he loves.)

Sideways we've only caught glimpses of Sawyer, Jin and Sun. Jin is still a criminal and may not even be married to Sun. Yet to be seen (hopefully) are Sideways Miles and Desmond.

So much for the Temple. A moment of silence for Dogen and the kid who played baseball. Looks like the teams are being assembled. Sayid . . . sigh.


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