Wednesday, March 17, 2010

tell me the truth

Impressions of last night's Sawyer-centric (!) LOST . . .

Sawyer . . . I knew Sawyer was a cop or something like it Sideways. And partnered with Miles. Psych! Vive LaFleur! And also that Smokey couldn't con a conman. Sideways Sawyer still lies like a rug, but he's conflicted about it.

Date night . . . I'm sure all of fandom hoped for Juliet, but . . . got Charlotte instead. Makes more sense, considering Miles was doing the setting-up. Sawyer seems to have the same sad backstory, but just made different choices.

Running into the running one, Kate . . . I guess these two are destined to share airspace. When she bumped Jack on the airplane she stole his pen to escape. Maybe bumping into cop Sawyer while she is once again escaping from something will get her on the right, non-running, path.

Why exactly does Island Sawyer want to get off this rock? Does he even know anymore? "I'm with no one." He's working Smokey, working Widmore. At first I thought he might also be working Kate, but it was clear he had her in mind with "his people" that he wants to get off the Island. Sawyer talks a good game about only looking out for #1, but he is always concerned about his team.

Smokey . . . "I'm the smoke thing." Smokey is also trying to work all the angles . . . Kate's not buying what he's selling. Is he done with Claire? And could his "crazy mommy" be the Island itself? Or the goddess Taweret? It's definitely sounding like the Losties are caught up in some serious sibling rivalry.

Kate . . . Kate's little quest to "save" Claire has come to a not-so-pretty end. Sayid is still a damn zombie (thanks for the assist, pal.) Creepy Claire and her "baby," holding Kate's hand—even Kate seemed grossed out by the cradle and the pseudo-friendly gesture. And I wasn't quite buying that hug and post-murder-attempt apology. Watch your back, Kate.

Miscellany . . . Who or what's in the locked room on the sub? Desmond? Something that can kill Smokey? There were lots of fun LOST trivia/pop culture shout-outs to fans—Sawyer's reading and television tastes are consistent in both realities—Watership Down, Little House on the Prairie. An Indiana Jones reference when he met Charlotte (Dude!) Sawyer woos with sunflowers.

Next week we will get the what's what on my favorite Island immortal, Richard. SO looking forward to that.


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