Friday, March 12, 2010


Cherry Blossoms at Air & Space

Everyone likes to make lists, right? I do, from time to time. Everything ranging from groceries (I now keep a running note on my iPhone where I update frequently purchased staples with asterisks) to tasks and beyond.

Then there are the end-of-year book and movie lists that are always fun and frustrating to read and inspire me to make my own.

I recently came across this listicle, "The 5 Most Important Self Evaluation Lists," which inspired me to create my own interpretation. I'd like to focus less on end-of-year achievements and try to keep my list current—more a goals / inspiration / aspiration list:
  1. Aspirations. What are you working on to improve? What can you change? If you can't change it, can you forget about it and move on, accept it, incorporate it somehow?
  2. Getting better all the time. The things that are working—keep it up! Keep learning, keep reading, keep your eyes open.
  3. Inspiration. What makes you happy, feeds your soul? Look at art more. Keep in touch with friends, swap ideas—even sharing theories on silly television shows counts ; )
  4. Plans. Without too much pressure, continue to push yourself towards goals for your art, your family, your life.
What about you? Inspired to make a list of your own? Use these? Use the 5? Now's as good a time as any to get started
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