Thursday, May 27, 2010

chill out

Watching the lions

Today was the hottest day yet this year, forecast at 94 degrees and it felt like 100+. A perfect day for the zoo, right? Well, not exactly. Extreme heat and seventeen children create a certain special brand of mayhem—not even counting the other scads of tourists. The Thursday before Memorial Day may have had something to do with it too. But besides all of that we managed to have a great time. The iPhone doesn't have a blur feature (or if it does, I'm not using it), it was just so darn hot some of my photos were muggy.

Orangutan on the move

One of the most oft-heard phrases uttered by parents (besides me for once) today was, "Chill out." Wow, it's considered an intransitive verb, c. 1980. Not only did this phrase express the frustration of the herding of our little cats, but the actual weather conditions. Luckily, there were strategically placed water misters to at least help with the latter.
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