Friday, May 28, 2010

certainly the most overplayed song of the moment . . .

. . . is Lady Antebellum's Need You Now. I don't even want to post a link to the song, I'm so sick of hearing it. i hate it so much that i will switch to any other music, yes, even John Mayer, to avoid it. Why are radio stations or anyone so crazy (I almost said gaga) about this dreck? From its tinkly piano opening to the tinkly closing it sounds like a a bad seventies ballad.

And isn't antebellum a not-so-cool term?

From Wikipedia:
In the United States of America, the term refers to pre-Civil War America, especially the pre-Civil War culture in the southern states. Specifically, the era in the history of the United States (1789–1849) after the American Revolution and the establishment of the U.S. as a sovereign nation, yet before the U.S. Civil War. Example: Slavery was an accepted part of antebellum plantation life.

Enough already. let's move on . . .
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