Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"mommy . . . will you laugh at me if I tell you this?"

"I don't know, tell me."

"It's kind of embarrassing (giggles)."

I wait, patiently.

"I think, Arthur . . . [from Shrek the Third] is cute"

"Well, he is cute. I don't think that's funny."

She giggles some more.

"He's cute, but you also realize he's a drawing."

"Yes, I just think he's cute."

The state of six, circa 2010.

If this conversation seems silly to you (and it is) it is also a wonderful and welcome relief from "Owwww . . . my tummy hurts" and the thousand variations on that theme. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate to be sick but that is nothing compared to how much I hate the sound of my daughter in pain and knowing there is nothing I can really do about it but ride it out with her.

So bring it on, kid.

"What do you think about Prince Charming?"

"He a prince who's not good-looking."

There you have it.
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