Tuesday, May 04, 2010

more jungle red . . .

. . . for Eliza

Sylvia Fowler: [Showing her nails to Mary] Mary, how do you like that?
Nancy Blake: Too, too adorable.
Sylvia Fowler: Ah, you have no idea how it stays on... I get it at Sydney's, you should go Mary. A wonderful new manicurist, Olga's her name, she's marvellous. Isn't that divine? Jungle red!
Nancy Blake: Looks like you've been tearing at somebody's throat!
Sylvia Fowler: [Smacks her hand on the table] I'll be darned Nancy if I let you ride me anymore!
Mary Haines: Oh Sylvia, Nancy's only trying to be clever too.
Sylvia Fowler: Well, she takes a crack at everything about me... Even my nails!
Mary Haines: Well I like them, I really do. Sydney's, Olga's, jungle red... I'll remember.

Mary Haines: I've had two years to grow claws mother. Jungle red!
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