Wednesday, August 04, 2010

i'm your handy man

Butcher and Baker, bibliodyssey
Sorry for the earworm, if you're old enough to even know the reference. If it's any consolation, I've got it too, and Sweet Baby James is far from one of my favorites. I'll agree that he has a nice, smooth tenor, but it's always been a little too smooth and slow for my tastes. One might even say lazy. And after reading some old scuttlebutt recently that he was a heroin addict and even worse, a sonofabitch to Carly Simon for so many years, well, I really can't stand him. I mean, who could be mean to Carly Simon? Really? But I digress.

Being a single gal and head of the household a girl has to learn a few things about how to fix things, or at least give it her best try. I have become a frequent fixture at Lowe's recently, my DIY destination of choice. I'm not sure why I head there first, as opposed to Home Depot. They are equidistant from our place. If you ask my brother it's like the Apple vs. PC thing. I'm an elitist at heart.

Anyway, I have a variety of projects either started or concluded at the moment. And that's apart from my part-time "real" job. But I am managing to fit it all in without losing it, so far. I found some grout under the sink and repaired some fallen tiles in my bathroom. I've been re-framing and hanging pictures all over the place. I've constructed a new TV cabinet. I've set up my wireless internet connection/hub. I put together two large beds that we moved from D.C. to here.  On the list of unfinished projects: I'm repainting the porch cane furniture ( and got new pillows for all of it) and reorganizing two large closets. I've unpacked over 100 boxes of our stuff. I've also thrown out bags and bags of trash and organized two pick-ups by the Salvation Army of things no longer useful here, or things we brought with us that we just can't use or need.

Candlestick Maker and Goldsmith, from bibliodyssey
As tired as I am at the end of the day I feel good about what I've accomplished so far and am eager to tackle some more. I've also got tons of ideas for my blog and for some other creative projects. Where is all of this energy coming from? Am I making up for years of inactivity? Some of it is definitely influenced by a feeling that I am racing against time. My daughter goes back to school in two weeks. My mom's memory fades and I want to get this place in shape for us all to enjoy together. My dear cousin died two months ago and I don't want to waste a moment I have on this earth. My birthday is coming up and that always gives me a kick in the pants.

But don't think that I'm all work and no play. I am able to write my own schedule these days, so these projects are all punctuated with a lunch out, a jaunt to a nearby fun spot, a dip in the pool or a shopping excursion. Like I said, I want us to enjoy each other. What else matters?
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