Monday, August 16, 2010

why am i the only one who's nervous?

We went to my daughter's orientation today at her new school. Her first grade teacher was super-nice and the school looks great. There were tons of forms and a few fees that took me by surprise, but somehow I wasn't unprepared for the lack of preparedness or availability of information for new students. Seems to be the way things work in our country's under-paid, under-staffed school systems, no matter where you live. But they're all nice people presumably, and we'll figure it out as we go.

My six-year old girl will have to function more independently from the get-go - I can't even walk her to her classroom. She will "pay" for her lunch by punching in a key code on the cafeteria line. It should be interesting. I remember crying through my first semester of kindergarten, but it was my first time out of the house and out from under my mother's wing, so my growing pains were more severe. I hope. Anyway, we'll work it out.

Up very early tomorrow, quick breakfast (for her) and then we walk to school. Shades of Tom Sawyer, Florida-style. School's out early, 2pm (?!) so I signed her up for the part-time after-school program, which will give me a few more hours of my own and give her the opportunity to socialize a bit more with her new friends. There's a music program that's offered, but I'm still debating whether to go for that or not. One day a week, baby-violin lessons. Could be interesting.

But I'd have to get her a violin . . . And so it begins . . .
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