Friday, October 14, 2011

of course iDid

As anyone who knows me could have easily guessed, I found myself at an Apple store this morning, just in time to pick up the new iPhone 4S — as one of the Apple staff said, "4S, 'For Steve.'" I also picked up the totally free, as in f-r-e-e 3GS, to replace our landline and my old 3G with the cracked screen.

I was lucky to join a very short line, but they said they had people camped out overnight and over 100 waiting when the doors opened at 8 a.m., two hours earlier than their normal opening hours. I got there around 9:30 a.m. or so.

I though I might just turn in the 3G somewhere for cash, as it could no longer function as a phone once I upgraded, but it turns out it's now an iPod. An iPod with a cracked screen, but hey, why not? The kid is overjoyed.

My old cracked but beloved 3G shares its wealth with the 3Gs

To everyone who can't get past the moniker 4S versus the number 5, it's time get over it. I've only had this thing a few hours and I'm very pleased with my belated birthday present to myself. I haven't even cracked the surface of all it can do, but it does make my 3G, which I have loved with a capital "L" seem like it's from another era.

I won't list all of the cool things, like iCloud, the Siri voice command, etc., etc., but the camera in this thing alone is worth the price. I haven't used a digital camera since I bought the 3G, but this camera is just so much better and jam-packed with lots of nifty features. I can't wait to fill up my cloud with lots of fun photos and video.

I'm sure this time next year the 5 will finally come out and make this baby seem slow, but I'm not looking to upgrade anytime soon. I love gadgets, but I don't always have to have the newest thing. I had the 3G for over three years, which is an eternity in the tech world.

Viva technology.
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