Monday, October 24, 2011

you've either got or you haven't got style

We watched the movie Robin and the Seven Hoods last night and it was, as always, a lot of fun. What really struck me as I watched Frankie, Dino, and Der Bingle was the absolute joy and ease they had in performing, which was translated directly to the audience. It's impossible to watch them do this number and not smile.

I don't think that their style should or could really be copied (no matter how many try), or that it would even sound right in today's world as anything contemporary. But it seems that so many entertainers today are so labored, so overdone. So many cheerleader-style synchronized dancing and microphone headsets. It's all such a production. There's lots of pyrotechnics, but little joy.

I really enjoy Lady Gaga, but was exhausted after watching her recent special on HBO with all of the elaborate stage sets and back-up dancers. I realize that's what a concert is these days, but the most powerful moments of the program were the a capella version Gaga and her company did of "Born This Way" over the closing credits. She has been doing some more soulful renditions of her songs lately, without all of the sturm und drang, so she must realize too, that sometimes simple and easy is best.

And if any of today's performers would like to see how a relaxed performance can yield high results, all they have to do us take a look at these three guys:

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