Wednesday, October 12, 2011

state of health

I spent a good part of the morning and some of the afternoon as well securing health coverage for my daughter and me. Now that I'm self-employed I had to sift through myriad plans online to see if I could find one that approximated what I had through my last job, but that wouldn't break our bank.

It's intimidating and ridiculous to see the different prices and coverage laid out and then try and determine what we needed — hospital coverage, doctor's visits, high deductibles, low premiums, etc. etc. The monthly price range is also astounding - everything from $54 to $3,072. I knew that I didn't want to go through the hassle of looking for all new doctors again, so after a few exploratory calls I started there and checked to see what insurance plans they would take — and this was with just the current company our plan is on.

Very long story short, I got a pretty good approximation of what we currently have, at a fraction of the price that the group insurance cost at my old job. I can upgrade or downgrade as needed. But what people have to go through, all the rigamarole that is built into the plans and the process. There's got to be a better way - how can politicians justify continuing to block health care for all?
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