Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloweens past

I found some fun pictures of some recent and not-too-recent Halloweens. The kid is going as a black cat today. She was a cat last year too, but she has made some adjustments and refinements ...  but I won't be able to post our trick-or-treating photos until tomorrow.

My little kitty, from last year

november10 016
My little spider trapped herself Ron Weasley - it's Aragog!

The wicked witch of the east
The cutest little wicked witch of the East

november10 026
Contrary to popular opinion, this wasn't how I went to work every day
My brother impressed in this homemade scarecrow costume
Ninga sushi chef Halloween
My tiny one was a ninja/sushi chef on her second Halloween
John Periale as Groucho Marx
My brother again, this time as Groucho Marx - brilliant
Happy Halloween!
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