Friday, October 12, 2012

tai chi 24

I have been attending a free weekly tai chi class at my local library since July. I needed to find a new teacher, and to also learn a less-complicated version of tai chi, and this class practically fell in my lap. It's nice when things work out.

There are actually two different classes, different forms, being taught each week. A beginners class teaches the circle form, which features a few basic tai chi moves that are repeated in a circular pattern. The second, more advanced class is teaching Yang style 24 form tai chi. This is the one that I'm most interested in learning.

I already had learned many of the moves that are part of the 24 form when I was doing the 108 form. Once I master this routine I could do this one anywhere, anytime. The teacher is very good and the rest of the class all seem like nice folks. On some Fridays I even stay for both classes. I think I finally found a form of exercise that I really enjoy doing on a regular basis.

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