Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i early voted — finally!

I have been driving by one of our local designated early voting locations since Saturday, but have always been greeted by long lines. Today I was finally able to get there a little earlier, and the line was much shorter. I stood (and shivered) on line for half an hour on one of the coolest mornings we've had here in southern Florida in a long time. The cooler temps are welcome, but Sandy's lingering winds, not so much.

The general feeling of both folks on line and people inside working and helping was very positive. There were no political discussions or arguments, just everyone determined to get their vote counted. And in Florida, that's especially important. No hanging or other chads in evidence, just paper ballots.

Don't forget to get your sticker on the way out

The only downside that I can see to early voting is that it doesn't free me from having to listen to the endless political ads on radio and television. I did experience some momentary disappointment when I realized I wouldn't be able to vote against a local politician that I find particularly annoying (cough Allen West cough cough). He isn't even in my district. So why is my town targeted with his barrage of billboards and mean-spirited television and radio commercials? Oh well, a week from today we'll all find out how it all comes out. Don't forget to vote!

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