Monday, November 12, 2012

push back the season

We just took down our halloween decorations, which of course mean that the Xmas decor will soon be looming. I'm used to the fact that the Xmas stuff is already up and available at places like Target, but just when I thought I had become inured to the pushing up of the season, I got thrown another curve. Can someone please explain to me what all these early Black Friday ads are about? And why opening stores at ungodly hours the Friday after Thanksgiving still isn't early enough? Now many stores are planning to be opened on Thanksgiving Day.

Who do they think wants to shop on Turkey (or in some cases, Tofurkey) Day? Why should anyone? Can't there be one day where people can loaf around and overeat and argue with their relatives and watch sports or some other marathon-like programming on television and then a few hours later get up and raid the fridge again? Do we have to lose our Thanksgiving holiday to stand on line and get trampled at Walmart?

I say no. We should be giving thanks for being warm and safe, if we are lucky enough to be so. Or helping those in storm-hit areas that need us most, not trying to encourage horrible behavior at the local box store. Enough with all of this pushing the season. I say we push back.
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