Sunday, November 11, 2012

veterans and anniversaries

Many members of my family have served and protected their country and for this I am extremely grateful. Armistice Day, or Veterans Day, as we now refer to it, was first proclaimed a national holiday on November 11 1919, by President Woodrow Wilson. I searched our family flickr archives and found some photos of family members who served in wars post-World War I. These are not the only relatives who have served their country, just the ones I am lucky enough to have a photo of them in uniform.

Edwin H. Cassels - army
Edwin H. Cassels (standing, third from left), my great grandfather

Al D'Ippolito in his WW1 Uniform
Albert S. D'Ippolito, my grand-uncle

John Massimo in uniform, c. 1939
John M. Periale, my uncle

On the Town
Joseph F. Periale (lower right), my dad

John Periale
John J. Periale, my brother

November 11 will also always signal another special day for me. It is aso my parents' anniversary.

mom & dad
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