Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a new way (for me) to watch tv

After yesterday's post of bemoaning the current state of television, and with a little prompting and encouragement from friends far and near, I put my money where my mouth was, and dumped my cable. At least most of it. I am still using Comcast for my internet and streaming and HD box for my tv at the moment, but I am no longer a premium cable subscriber. For the first time in a long time.

Right off the bat I am saving $66 a month, and if I swap out the box I have now for a just-HD box, I will save another $7.00. So what will I be watching, you might ask? I currently have a free month-long subscription to Netflix and free week-long subscription to Hulu Plus (Can't wait to start watching obscure Britcoms!). They are each 7.99 a month, so after the try-out, I can decide to do either/or or just go for both of them. I could add just HBO for another $15 a month, but since Game of Thrones won't be back for a while, I feel no immediate need for that. But when Dinklage season returns, so may I, for a few months at least.

After a lot of internet and Best Buy research I decided to implement all of this with Apple TV. It took two minutes to set up and instantly started streaming my iPhone, Flickr, and other content from the Cloud to the tv. Welcome to the future. And thanks again friends. You know who you are.
: )
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