Tuesday, August 27, 2013

how was miley's performance so different ...

... from so many other "sexy" VMA performances?

Isn't that the point of the VMAs (and rock 'n' roll)? To be "outrageous?" It may have been in poor taste, and I don't want my 9 year-old daughter to check it out, but the internet outrage, aimed squarely at Billy Ray Cyrus's little girl, who isn't a little girl anymore (news flash), seems way off balance. What about her partner-in-crime, Robin Thicke? It was his song, and he and Miley obviously rehearsed their gyrations.

She's just following in the footsteps of her fellow songstresses ...

What Miley does shares with these other ladies and their performances through the years is being in charge of how she wants to present her sexuality onstage. It might not be your cup of tea — I'm not sure what all the Gene Simmons-like tongue action was about — but Miley was in charge. She and her back-up dancers at least looked like they were having fun, as opposed to the robot-like, typical, objectified dancers and strutters in skimpy spandex who joined Thicke & Co. after Miley twerked herself off into the distance. Best VMA performance ever? Worst? Hardly, either, but it achieved its primary objective. It got everyone talking. And tweeting.

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