Monday, November 25, 2013

award shows ... a new era

I watched The American Music Awards with the kid last night. It was interesting. This is far from the first awards show she has watched with me, but I have to say, that the culture balance seems to have shifted when I wasn't looking. I seemed to be watching the show with her. Just a subtle difference, yes, but the kid is so savvy about current music she puts her pop culture maven momma to shame.

One Direction: These guys are the a nine year old's dream

Katy Perry: Who thought this was a good idea?

To start, she was excited that the host was Pitbull. And of course thrilled to bits that her fave band One Direction were on hand and performed (and won best Pop/Rock album & Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group). The show cleverly scheduled One Direction's and bubble-gum princess Katy Perry's performances early — maybe then the kids could go to bed? Not in this house. The kid was on hand for Pitbull and Ke$ha performing "Timber" and one of mommy's current faves, Justin Timberlake, performing the bluesy "Drink You Away".

The show had a weird opening number by Katy Perry, dressed up in geisha garb. Sure to be excoriated on the internet tomorrow as yet another inappropriate and thoughtless cultural appropriation, but honestly it was just ... stupid. Should people feel insulted? Is it worth it to give it that much attention? The song, "Unconditionally," is truly unlistenable. I mean, cringe-worthy, whether performed live or on the radio. I continue to be baffled by Perry, her yodeling vocals which pass for singing, but most especially her appeal to my kid's demographic.

So O.K., this is my kid's show, not mine. I surrender. It's now up to me to keep up, I guess. The AMAs are at least not as stodgy as the Grammys. And the kid drifted off somewhere after JLo and before Lady gaga, leaving me to decide if I'd watch the rest, and see if Miley tried to shock/schlock. She performed a pretty straight version of "Cannonball." With a cute giant singing kitty projected behind her. And that's all, folks.


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