Saturday, September 01, 2018

favorite movie #33: baby driver

Favorite movies that have had an impact on me - #33 - Baby Driver (2017) - This movie just starts and never quits. Its beautifully choreographed and witty opening title scene sets the tone.

Ansel Elgort plays Baby, a tinnitus-plagued getaway driver who is trying t earn enough money to support his deaf foster father Joseph (CJ Jones). His employer Doc (Kevin Spacey) plans a variety of heists with criminals of varying talents (John Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Flea, Eiza González, Jon Bernthal). To help him get through his day and to drown out the tinnitus baby makes recordings, not only of his favorite tunes, but of snippets of conversation. He meets a waitress named Debora (Lily James) and the two soon become smitten with one another. Great movie, great soundtrack and choreography (of actors and driving scenes.)


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